Why I Craft

Some days, I feel as though it’s rush!rush!rush! and I’ve got no time for myself.  A mom of two (and wife of one) — the daily grind can be tough.  Can you relate?  This, my friends, is why I craft.  “Me” time.  Sure, it might be at odd hours, in the middle of the dining room table, but it’s my quiet time.  To let my imagination run wild.  And I opened this shop to share my love with you.

I’ve always been a crafter.  It started with my mom, who dabbled in little bits of everything.  She had a well organized craft room in the basement, where you could find just about anything you were looking for.  And whenever I hosted my birthday parties?  You could be sure all my girls would be taking home a some sort of creation.

Nowadays in my own home, the “craft room basement” is simply a “craft closet”.  I’ve started my own collection of craft supplies that I can hope my own daughter will enjoy searching through as she gets older.

I genuinely THANK YOU for stopping by.  My home is always open to friends, and you can consider yourself my newest.

xoxo Nicole


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