Why Start A(nother) Blog

I used to blog. Quite frequently, actually. I made some fabulous friendships — most of which I still stay in contact with today.
It started out as a Newlywed Blog, eventually transitioned into the Mommy Blog and after a couple years sort of fizzled out.

And here I am again. My kid(s!) are now 5 and 2. Still not leaving me with much time to blog, yet I’m building a business for myself and thought throwing myself back into the blogging world would be a good addition. Am I right? Maybe. Maybe not. But I bought the domain name and now NicolioWithLove can be found across the board! Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram. Etsy.

I hope to provide you with riveting material that keeps you coming back for more and more. And if I don’t, my apologies in advance. I hope to see you around!

xoxo Nicole


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