Essential Tools

I was recently asked “What is that one tool/supply/material you could not live without?”

“Only one?”  I asked.

After putting some serious thought into it, I realized I absolutely could not do what I love to do without my Cricut Explore.

S63323_purple-explore_angle-with-mat_hsnhe was an HSN special in October 2014 and her Wild Orchid color was limited (I believe!) to those of us quick enough to purchase.  She was my first and only HSN purchase … and I love her.



She was an upgrade from my Cricut Expression, a machine I had seen on an infomercial back in 2007.  I remember spending an entire week’s paycheck on that baby.  Thankfully, Cricut’s prices have gone down significantly over the years, making my upgraded purchase an easier sell to the (ever supportive) husband.

She sits permanently in my dining room, which is the center of any and all craft projects.  This scene below is not uncommon in my household … at least when the husband is out of the house.  I try to have it a little more self contained by the time he gets home.  Laptop. Cricut. Fiskars Cutter. Scotch ATG Gun. Card Kits. Perler Beads. Oodles of cardstock. Planner clips. Bags and labels and mailer inserts and sketches and frames.  Honestly, there’s no end to my creativity madness.        2016-11-03_1554.png

So what do you craft?  What one supply/tool/material could you absolutely not survive without?

xoxo Nicole


5 thoughts on “Essential Tools

  1. I have to agree!! I love my Cricut(s) so much. I used to own the green Explore… I used it so much that I broke the poor thing. My wife let me get a new “Explore One.” It is just as wonderful! I don’t know what I would do without my machine in my life. With Design Space and the ability to design on my phone now too! Love Love Love. Thank you for the fun read!

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    1. Thanks for the cheerful comment! I’m always thrilled to find another Cricut lover – it’s an amazing machine – and I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of what it can do for me! Happy Crafting!


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