So What Do I Create?

My inspiration changes often … you can thank Pinterest for that.  Speaking of, if you’re on Pinterest, you should totally follow me here.  1325658159113_8936346

At this current time, my main focus is on papercrafted items — DIY Card Kits and PlannerClips, to be exact.  Yes, there are a few pendant necklaces available for purchase, but the jewelry market is overly saturated, and truth be told, I have a heck of a lot more fun with my paper crafts!

Take a look at these Planner Clips.  Seriously, are they not the cutest?!  They  make the perfect little “thinking of you” gift — and can be used to adorn your planner, your notebook, your coupons.


But what I am having THE.MOST fun with?  Is my DIY Card Kits.

So, I started with an idea.  I create a greeting card, and I provide all the pieces needed to create more greeting cards.  Perfect for someone who wants to be crafty, but doesn’t know where to start.  Or doesn’t have the supplies.  A perfect craft for moms and kids to work on together.  A perfect craft for the nursing home residents.  Possibilities are endless!  The creator can choose to create exactly the same design or mix it up and design it differently.  Here’s a couple examples …


download (2).png
DIY Card Kit, Bee, 5pk


download (1).png
DIY Card Kit, Crab, 5pk



New designs are created and listed to my Etsy page almost every well, and I’ll tell you what, they are a ton of F-U-N to create!  I’m always looking for new inspiration too, so tell me …

What kind of DIY Card Kit would YOU want to see?

xo Nicole


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