What Does My Crafting Look Like

I feel like we’re in a new relationship and this is the “getting to know each other” stage. Always awkward, because how much do you really want to know about me. And how much of it do I really want to share?!

You see, I used to be an active blogger.  I wasn’t collecting any crazy income from it, but I had made quite a few connections and developed many lasting friendships . And here I am, again. Starting fresh …

So what am I doing. What do my crafting sessions look like? I’m almost always multitasking. For instance, right now…

I’m blogging.

I’m listening to my Cricut cut images for my newest DIY Card Kit.

While at the same time, listening to Christmas music, because, why not.

I’m taking quick breaks and checking Facebook and Instagram. I’m also googling NicolioWithLove, because again, why not.

Oh! Let me quick change the laundry from the washer to the dryer …

My (now cold) cheese fries were not nearly as satisfying as I’d hoped, being that I had to take them out of the oven while I brought my littlest upstairs for his nap.

I’m watching the clock, because soon I’ll have to head up to the bus stop. Hoping the littlest’s nap doesn’t run longer than usual.

I’m continousely checking to make sure my Senegal Parrot is nearby, and not planning his attack on me, or my supplies. image

My mind is in “Craft Show” mode. A similar feeling of when you fear there’s not enough food for the expected guests coming, and you quickly scramble to make 5 more Pinterest-inspired dishes. I’m frantically trying to whip up as many DIY CardKits as possible befor this weekends show. I see how productive I am.

My kitchen table is a mess, because that’s the only place I have to craft.


One day, I will own a Scrapbox (more on that, another time).

Tell me, is this ANYTHING similar to how your crafting days look? Share your experiences with me.

xox nicole



5 thoughts on “What Does My Crafting Look Like

  1. thanks for popping by! well my dining room table is a mess. 🙂 as a retiree, my life is less busy so you’d think i would have more time to create. but as a person with a disability, i have limited time and energy during the day. any time that can be spent on a creative outlet is appreciated and *needed.* enjoy your little ones; they grow up so fast!


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