Entrepreneurship Starts Young

Last weekend, my mom, daughter and I teamed up for our church’s annual Holiday Craft Fair. We crammed as much crafty goodness as we could into one 8×10 booth and overall had a very successful show!  But here’s what I specifically wanted to point out …

There’s my daughter, in the turquoise shirt. She’s 5. And she sold her product like the best salesman(woman!) could! At the end of the day, EIGHT dollars was the difference between her takehome pay and mine. EIGHT DOLLARS.

She is learning the importance of working hard, earning money, and having fun. Candy Cane Reindeer, PomPom sticks, Magnets, Bookmarks, Button Art — they were all ideas she had seen via Pinterest and thought “I could do that!”

She had her own table and would greet each customer with “Hello, I have my own table!” Engaging each (potential) customer with her adorable charm, she made a sale to almost every person she spoke with.

Proud momma, right here. Next year, she’s getting her own booth!



6 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship Starts Young

  1. hi nicole, thanks so much for popping by and commenting on my tag! wow, you and your daughter did a great job! looks like a lot of time spent on creating but i bet you had as much fun making as you did selling.

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