Why I Need A WorkBox 3.0

This is my current craft closet …


It’s overwhelming and stuffed to the gills.

Cards, Cardstock, Paper, storage boxes full of Washi Tape and Bakers Twine and Ribbons and Cuttlebug Folders and Buttons and Embellishments and Embossing Tools.


And this is why I need a Workbox 3.0, by The Original Scrapbox.  Have you seen these beauties?



Check out this video and then be sure to wipe the drool off of your keyboard…


Seriously, this would revolutionize how I currently craft (which I’ve discussed before is scattered around my dining room table).  It includes clear totes, tray inserts, wood drawers, adjustable shelving, caster wheels (for easier moving!) fold out table, storage galore!  zipper totes, and upgraded options.

Who else would love to own one this Workbox 3.0?


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