This Can’t Be Good …

This would be a teeny tiny piece of my Cricut Explore.  Of the three little “feet” that hold Cricut Pens or Scoring Tool in place, one has snapped off.  I’m anxiously awaiting a response from Cricut Customer Service on what my next step should be.  Is it easily repairable?  Do I need to be shopping for a new machine?  Typical.  One step forward, two steps back.

To be continued …


5 thoughts on “This Can’t Be Good …

  1. Don’t buy a new machine! When I worked for the Cricut customer support (customer care,) we used to send that price out to people all the time. It’s easy to pop out and replace. I think they have them for sell anywhere they sell cricut products. Here is a link to the Cricut page. https://shop.cricut.com/en_us/supplies/cricut-explore-accessories/cricut-explore-reg-accessory-adapter-replacement.html
    They sell it for $1.99.
    Hope this helps!

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