Hi! I’m Nicole! A mom of two blonde haired and blue eyed beauties (I’m pretty sure they’re mine) and married to a man who can simultaneously make me pee my pants with laughter and roll my eyes with attitude. I hope that’s common in most marriages? I’m a glass half full kinda girl and will try my hardest to find the best in every day.

I love to entertain. I love animals. I watch way too much HGTV and dream of a day I can settle into our “forever” home and put all my awesome Pinterest ideas to good use. I love a good bargain. I love my family.

Crafting time is My time.  Sure, it might be at odd hours, in the middle of the dining room table, but it’s my quiet time. To let my imagination run wild. And I opened this shop to share my love with you.

I’ve always been a crafter. It started with my mom, who dabbled in little bits of everything. She had a well organized craft room in the basement, where you could find just about anything you were looking for. And whenever I hosted my birthday parties? You could be sure all my girls would be taking home a some sort of craft.

Nowadays in my own home, the “craft room basement” is simply a “craft closet”. I’ve started my own collection of craft supplies that I can hope my own daughter will enjoy searching through as she gets older.

I genuinely THANK YOU for stopping by. My home is always open to friends, and you can consider yourself my newest.